Reduce the risks with a
proactive approach

Wide range investigation campaigns

A successful investigation campaign depends on the completeness of artefacts explored.

Analysis of known-attacks markers

We primarily look for known-attacks thanks to the IOC and Yara rules integrated in our knowledge base.

Collection of unknown-attacks traces

We identify unlisted threats by analyzing the persistence methods of programs.


Our cyber-diagnosis enhances your risks analysis.

Thanks to the information collected, we thoroughly map the information system. This overview allows us to identify and evaluate potential risks.


Do not panick.

Our experts extend their intervention on demand in order to respond to the incident and neutralize the threat.

Qualification of the attack

By reconstructing the actions of hackers, we evaluate the extent of the attack,

  • Scope of the compromise
  • Presence or absence of a malware
  • Means of persistence in the system
  • Goal

Incident response

According to the results of our analysis, we adopt a neutralization strategy, targeted to eliminate the threat and avoid any increase of the compromise.

Our incident reports offer you recommendations to harden your system.

Our experts accompany you through all the steps of cyber crisis management